Introduction to the Sankofa Series

The Sankofa Series was introduced to share some beautiful African items that were beneficial but not hugely in use today. Our desire is to write about them and tell you the importance of these items and why you need to get some for yourself. If you are not an African, this is a great time to learn about items we used before and still can use.

We saw the need to for these items hence we brought them back either to our store mostly remoulded into beautiful and contemporary designs for the modern home. Today, we bring you the Ahina (Clay Pot).


Man is made up of 70% water.So to maintain body temperature and prevent dehydration,we must drink 6-8 glasses of water. But not just any kind of water; we need clean and potable water!

 A lot of us Ghanaians have difficulty drinking non- refrigerated water because “Charley”, the heat calls for cool and refreshing water.

So the question is; where can one get clean, cool and refreshing water to drink?

 It is called  “Ahina ” in Akan and it is simply called Clay Pot in English, made of moulded baked clay. Don’t judge its quality by the material it is made up of.

It is made up of one of the cheapest and easiest to find materials in Ghana. In the mid-80s before refrigerators became common in Ghana. We had our own “cooler”.Indeed! Natural, portable with no side effects.

The Clay Pot was usually used in storing water across the country. The exterior is usually painted  black, this makes the pot hard and firm .The painting also prolongs the shelf life of the pot.

As stated earlier, ” don’t mind the body, mind the engine ” Surprisingly, the clay pot has wonderful benefits. Quite interesting because this pot doesn’t require any extraordinary technology to be manufactured.

There is true value in simple things.

Some of the benefits of storing drinking water in the Clay Pot are ;

*Water is purified

I don’t know how it is done. But water from the Clay Pot is crystal clear.

* Odour is removed from the water.

Making water more refreshing to drink and enjoy.

*Except with the opening at the top. When this opening is well guarded, dirt/impurities will have a hard time entering the water in the Clay Pot.

To make the water  smell good for a good drink. Pounded Palm nut chaff is burnt, the pot then is inverted on the chaff and smoke.  Voilà, you are good to go.

Why not get ” Ahina” for that refreshing drinking water. Instead of refrigerating water, which could be expensive looking at the cost of refrigerators and electricity bill. Additionally, It could cause the catching of a common cold.

Let’s go back to our roots! Originality and Authenticity are the new sexy.

Be proudly Ghanaian.🇬🇭

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