We get clients enquiring how they can maintain their wooden wares and make it look beautiful all the time. The thing with the untreated wooden items which we make at Muqafrik is that, we do not polish them with chemicals and so it easy for the glossy part to wear off easily. Because we are very much concerned with the health of our client, we use edible oils like shea butter to gloss or shine our utensils. That is the same way, you can maintain your wooden wares by using the same edible oils all the time.

Washing your wooden wares: either you just bought your bowl or any other wooden item or you just finished using it, you do not leave it soaked in water for a long time (like overnight) as wooden utensils do not water. Wash them very quickly preferrably with a smooth sponge, rinse and clean them with a kitchen towel to dry the water from them. Them you can dry them on a rack to completely get the water out.

Glossing your wooden utensil: to maintain the integrity of the wood, the container should be lightly rubbed inside and out with a healthy oil such as shea butter, olive, sunflower or coconut. Treat individual serving dishes and any wooden salad utensils in the same manner.

Will my salad bowl start smelling like my salad dressing: over time, our wooden bowl may absorb the odor of strong smelling ingredients like garlic. Hot water and mild detergent should eliminate most odors, especially if your wood bowl is cleaned well between uses. Occasionally scrubbing your wood with a scotch brite pad can also help alleviate any unwanted odor residue. Sprinkle salt in your bowl and rub with the cut side of a hall or quarter slice of lemon (lime works too) this works in  freshening up cutting boards and wooden bowls.

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