Introduction to the Sankofa Series

The Sankofa Series was introduced to share some beautiful African items that were beneficial but not hugely in use today. Our desire is to write about them and tell you the importance of these items and why you need to get some for yourself. If you are not an African, this is a great time to learn about items we used before and still can use.

We saw the need to for these items hence we brought them back either to our store mostly remoulded into beautiful and contemporary designs for the modern home. Today, we bring you the Asanka.


If you have ever managed to visit the Kwahu Ridge; a small town in Ghana (West Africa) then you will find a great array of this kitchenware displayed along the road. Various stalls are lined up with sellers who sell this same kitchenware.

The Earthenware bowl as it is called in English is  Ghanaian kitchenware, made of moulded baked clay. They usually come in two colours: the earthy brown colour and black. 

In Ghana, it is called different names by the different ethnic groups. The Ashantis call it ” Ayiwa “, the Fantis call it ” Asanka ” or   ” Posi ” and the Gas call it “kaŋ”. The earthenware bowl is multipurpose kitchenware yet very affordable and easy to find anywhere on the Ghanaian market. 

I am sure there have been several instances where you wanted to grind pepper for your hot Ga Kenkey or Banku, and you decided to use a blender but everyone insisted you use the Earthenware bowl. 

Why? It gives that pepper the soul for that soulless Kenkey!

Aside from being used for grinding, when you want to revamp your overnight fufu. Not to worry! All you need is your ” eta” ( a wooden stamp used with the Eathernware bowl), a little salt and your fufu will be brought back to life!

With your Earthern ware bowl, food can be served and reheated without destroying the initial presentation.

One interesting fact about the earthenware bowl is that it is a natural cooler! You don’t waste 5 minutes of your eating time , to wait for food to cool down when your meals are served in an earthenware bowl; all you have to do is to get on with your eating.

I know whenever you dream of being served as an African royal, you dream of being served your Ampesi and Ab)m or Fufu and Aponkye Nkakra in your “Ayiwa” “Asanka ” or “Posi”.

Yes indeed, Your meals are given that touch of royalty and class with meal presentation. Let’s appreciate what we have as Ghanaians and Africans.

Be proudly Ghanaian👍🏾🇬🇭

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