Aside the blessing of beauty that nature has bestowed on this continent, Africa has much more to offer than roaming animals, jeep safaris and beautiful forests; creativity. It is of no surprise that she is fast becoming the destination to new and ethical brands that produce beautiful and unique designs for the modern man.

Muqafrik makes stunning and uniquely designed handmade products with the finest and sustainable materials (fabric, straw, wood). The idea is born out of a conviction to give back to society and also to produce contemporary and high end products using our own materials through the most ethical processes.

Because we are so obsessed with creativity, we go to the extent of  sourcing the best materials which promises quality to present you the most beautiful products. With these products, we present you the luxury that you can have from the finest products available. Welcome to Africa.


We value You

Our products are made from sustainable materials

We can customise your products

We delivery anywhere in the world with our partner in logistics